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Cucina Social Club Team


Loreley Bombis

Founder & Food Educator

Hi, my name's Loreley! Despite my weird name, I am half Italian and half Greek and I now live in London, UK. 

Food has always been my passion and I learnt by observing my mum, who is an amazing cook! I cook mainly Mediterranean, but I enjoy making up my own recipes by adding a touch of other cuisines I tried when living and travelling abroad. At the age of 11 I could already prepare a whole meal and since then I’ve added recipes to my repertoire.


I used to work in the food industry as an Export Manager and my dad used to be a commercial agent for food companies, so I visited many factories and went with him on road trips around Europe where his clients were taking us to the best hidden gems to taste local specialities. I then worked in tech and I am now very much involved with food banks and community kitchens to make a difference in food injustice.  

I am also passionate about personal development and I trained extensively in that field.

When I moved to London nine years ago I noticed how much people eat out, get take-aways or deliveries or buy ready-made meals or just cook the same dishes over and over again, which turns out to not only be unhealthy, but also way more expensive and producing a lot of waste, so damaging our planet.

Especially in this cost of living crisis, I think it is important to get everyone confident in the kitchen by teaching in an easy, approachable and fun way how to use various ingredients, leftovers and reduce food waste. Eating simple delicious and nutritious food is an act of self-love and it will make you feel so proud of yourself!

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