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Pesto 2 ways: Genovese and Sicilian - single class (vegan option available)

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This is a recorded class and you will have access to all the information and video to watch at your own pace and when needed! Also, 10% of the profits will be donated to War Child, the charity that protects, educates and stands up for the rights of children affected by conflict with incredible programmes on the ground. It includes the recipe of 2 variants of pesto (with some vegan substitutions) and made easy even for the least confident cook. You will see that with this fun and simplified step-by-step method that tell you all the tricks, you'll be impressed with your newly found cooking skills and you will always have some pesto ready for an improvised dinner or craving! It's the perfect loving gift to yourself, a friend, your partner or a family member that wants to learn more and eat well and healthy and a great tool to have a classic recipe up your sleeve to impress your guests or a date. This programme is for people who: - feel like they are not able to cook and need a confidence boost and clear instructions - need to be guided in a simple and fun way - want to throw dinner parties or cook for a date or treat themselves and feel unable to - need time-saving tricks to always be ready for an unexpected guest(s) or craving :) - want to learn some delicious recipes that can be mixed and matched and personalised - want to feel proud of themselves and eat well and treat others! (I also try to minimise the use of complicated tools in the kitchen) Email me with any questions at

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